Griffin, H. Terrell

'Longboat Key' by H. Terrell Griffin Longboat Blues (2005)
When his girlfriend's body is discovered on the balcony of his condo overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, Logan Hamilton is indicted for murder. His friend, Matthew Royal, a burned out trial lawyer living in an island paradise on the Southwest coast of Florid reluctantly comes out of early retirement to represent Logan. It's a great ride from the pristine beaches of Longboat and Egmont Keys to the cities of South Florida and the Midwest. The author spins a tale of mystery and intribue, peopled with characters you won't soon forget.
'Murder Key' by H. Terrell Griffin Murder Key (2006)
When a stranger tries to kill Matt Royal in one of his favorite watering holes on his Florida island Paradise, his attention focuses on more than sun, fishing and beer. In order to find the would-be killer, Matt and his buddies Logan Hamilton and Jock Algren begin an odyssey that takes them from the island beaches to Mexico and back to the mines, labor camps and farms of the interior of Florida, a place tourists never see. The mystery flows and tingles in the beautiful Florida autumn, the ugliness of the phosphate mines and labor camps juxtaposed against the pristine beaches and extravagant lifestyles of the island Matt calls home.
Blood Island by H. Terrell Griffin Blood Island: A Matt Royal Mystery (2008)
Matt Royal never has to look far for excitement. Excitement - and sometimes trouble - has a way of finding him first. But for this fun-loving lawyer turned beach bum, things are about to get serious. Dead serious. When his ex-wife asks for help in tracking down her stepdaughter, last seen in Matt's hometown of Longboat Key, Matt agrees to do a little searching. But what looks like the case of one missing girl turns out to be something much bigger - and much more dangerous. Enlisting the aid of his buddies Jock Algren and Logan Hamilton, Matt launches a full-speed-ahead search that leads from Longboat Key to Key West to an ominous strip of land called Blood Island. But this is no island paradise. Blood Island is home base to a cult of religious zealots. And they're making devastating plans that could change the world forever. Bullets fly, and as the clock ticks down, it will be up to Matt to make sure that what happens on Blood Island stays on Blood Island.
Wyatt's Revenge by H. Terrell Griffin Wyatt's Revenge (2009)
On balance, retired trial lawyer turned beach bum Matt Royal is a pretty laid-back fellow. But when Laurence Wyatt, one of Matt's best friends is murdered, Matt trades in his easy going ways for a hard hitting quest for revenge. Matt knows the Longboat Key police will do their job in investigating, but for Matt, finding Wyatt's killer isn't a job; it's personal.
Determined to do whatever is necessary to solve Wyatt's murder, Matt takes matters into his own hands and embarks on a clandestine investigation. Soon, Matt finds himself in hot pursuit of a cadre of remorseless criminals and trained killers, but the tables turn and Matt becomes the pursued. Faced with mounting danger, Matt calls for backup from his buddies Jock Algren and Logan Hamilton.
Matt Royal would go to the ends of the earth to exact revenge for Wyatt's murder, but will he go outside the law?
Expect the unexpected in this wild and dangerous ride from Longboat Key, Florida to Frankfurt, Germany, because hell hath no fury like Matt Royal scorned.

Author Terry Griffin

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