Haddad, Sandi

Haddad, Sandi - Florida Authors A Stable Relationship (1994) Pediatric nurse Cassy Collins dreams of one day becoming an accomplished equestrienne. Her riding instructor, former champion horse show jumper David Carlyle, needs to recover both emotionally and physically from a bad fall. But neither expects a relationship, stable or otherwise, to complicate their lives.
Haddad, Sandi - Florida Authors Vital Signs (2000)
From the Inside Flap
Absentminded pediatrician Dr. Rick Lawton and registered nurse Janet Coombs aren't interested in an office romance.
Rick is now a widower and he doesn't want to set himself up for that kind of loss ever again. Now he dates primarily career women who aren't interested in marriage -- or children. Janet is a single mom trying to be both parents to her two young sons. She knows how demanding a doctor's job can be. The last man she wants to consider for new husband material is a dedicated physician, no matter how handsome he is. But when he hires her to work in his office, Rick and Janet discover that their vital signs are heading to record elevations. Both in the office and socially they cannot deny their strong attraction to one another. Diagnosis: Love.
Haddad, Sandi - Florida Authors Ticket to Romance (2000) When divorced real estate agent Veronica Dowling returns to her Florida hometown to start her life over, she holds a secret even she doesn’t know. Finally independent, the last thing she wants is to rekindle a romance with the man she ran from ten years ago.

Former bad boy Julian Jefferson is now a respected cop. He has no intention of renewing a relationship with the woman who broke his heart in high school. But love soon rekindles in the small town -- until he helps her solve a mystery that almost tears them apart again.
Haddad, Sandi - Florida Authors Rawhide and Lace (2003) Eppie 2002 Finalist - Best Contemporary Romance!!! Jonathan Dean Hudson needs help to save the struggling Florida horseback riding stable he inherited along with the accompanying debt. He hopes for a silent partner-very silent. Instead he locks spurs with a feisty city girl who lassos his heart. Kim Ford has the funds and business sense to turn the ranch into a successful enterprise. Her tender heart and way with people make her popular with everyone-except her sexy new partner. Can she tame the rugged rancher-with-an-attitude before he breaks her spirit?
Haddad, Sandi - Florida Authors A Stable Account (2003) When pregnant widow Maggie Newman returns to her small Florida hometown to start a new life, she has no idea that the baby she carries will be the catalyst for a new romance. Divorced father Daniel Newman has mixed feelings about his sister-in-law Maggie moving back to Magnolia Cove. He managed to get over his lifelong crush on her by avoiding contact during the eight years she was married to his brother. But now his brother is dead-and Maggie is pregnant.
Haddad, Sandi - Florida Authors Physical Evidence (2003) When PI Jake Carlucci is sent to investigate Florida horse ranch heiress Julie Graham, he expects to solve a mystery. But by the time he proves the widow didn't have anything to do with her husband's accident, he realizes she could be the next target for murder. They solve the case together and discover something even more exciting-love.

Haddad, Sandi - Florida Authors

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