Harry Crews

Harry Crews
Birthplace: Alma, GA
Current Residence: Gainesville, FL
Setting: The South, Georgia
Genre: Fiction

Harry Crews (1935-) is a columnist, essayist and novelist. He has a B.A and M.S. Ed. from the University of Florida. Crews taught English at the University of Florida for more than twenty years. Crews wrote the column "Grits" for Esquire. He also contributed to Sewanee Review, Georgia Review, Florida Quarterly, Craft and Vision and Playboy. Crews' novels are set in the American South.

Book List

Celebration (1998)
The Mulching of America (1995)
Scar Lover (1992)
Body (1990)
The Knockout Artist (1988)
All We Need of Hell (1987)
A Feast of Snakes (1976)
The Hawk Is Dying (1973)
Car (1972)
The Gypsy's Curse (1974)
Karate Is a Thing of the Spirit (1971)
This Thing Don't Lead to Heaven (1970)
Naked in Garden Hills (1969)
The Gospel Singer (1968)

Short Stories

Two (1984)
The Enthusiast (1981)


Getting Naked with Harry Crews: Interviews, edited by Erik Bledsoe (1999)
Classic Crews: A Harry Crews Reader (1993)
Madonna at Ringside (1991)
Blood Issue (Play) (1989)
Florida Frenzy (1982)
Blood and Grits (1979)
A Childhood: The Biography of a Place (autobiography) (1978)

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