Heather Graham

Heather GrahamWebsite: Heather Graham
Birthplace: Miami, FL
Current Residence: Florida
Setting: various
Genre: romance, suspense
Pseudonym: Shannon Drake, Heather Graham Pozzessere

Heather Graham (1953- ) majored in theater arts at the University of South Florida. After a stint of several years in dinner theater, back-up vocals, and bartending, she stayed home after the birth of her third child and began to write, working on short horror stories and romances. After some trial and error, she sold her first book, When Next We Love, in 1982 and since then, she has written over one hundred novels and novellas including category, romantic suspense, historical romance, vampire fiction, time travel, occult, and Christmas holiday fare. Graham also writes under the pseudonyms of Shannon Drake and Heather Graham Pozzessere. Graham founded the Florida chapter of the Romance Writer's in America. Currently, Graham and her husband live in Florida along with their five children.

Ghost Moon by Heather GrahamDust to Dust by Heather GrahamNightwalker by Heather GrahamNight Moves by Heather GrahamUnhallowed Ground by Heather Graham

Book List
The Night is Watching (2013)
Keeper of the Night (2013)
Let the Dead Sleep (2013)
Unseen (2013)
Uninvited (2012)
Unspoken (2012)
Unholy (2012)
Unseen (2012)
Phantom Evil (2011)
Evil Inside (2011)
Sacred Evil (2011)
Heart of Evil (2011)
Killing Edge (2011)
Bride of the Night (2011)
Angel for Christmas (2011)
Ghost Moon (2010)
Ghost Night (2010)
Ghost Shadow (2010)
Dust to Dust (2009)
Nightwalker (2009)
Death Dealer (2009)
Unhallowed Ground (2009)
Last Noel (2007)
Island (2006)
Kiss of Darkness (2006)
Suspicious (2005)
In the Dark (2004)
A Season of Miracles (2001)
Miracle (2001)
A Matter of Circumstance (2001)
Night of the Blackbird (2001)
Tempestous Eden (1999)
The Last Cavalier (1998)
Queen of Hearts (1997)
A Magical Christmas (1996)
Renegades (1995)
Spirit of the Season (1993)
Devil's Mistress (1991)
Everytime I Love You (1988)
Siren from the Sea (1987)

As Heather Graham Pozzessere

Night Heat (2001)
Never Sleep with Strangers (1998)
If Looks Could Kill (1997)
Down in New Orleans (1996)
Sieze the Wind (1995)
For All of Her Life (1995)
Eyes of Fire (1995)
An Angel's Touch (1995)
Slow Burn (1994)
Wilde Imaginings (1993)
Trouble with Andrew (1993)
Lonesome Rider (1993)
Last Cavalier (1993)
between Roc and a Hard Place (1993)
Hatfield and McCoy (1991)
Christmas Bride (1991)
Snowfire (1991)
Forbidden Fire (1991)
Wedding Bell Blues (1990)
Forever My Love (1990)

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