Henderson, Patty G.

Cover Image The Burning Of Her Sin (2004)
Meet Brenda Strange. Wealthy. Dead Ringer for Princess Diana. Once a junior partner in a thriving, prestigious New Jersey law firm, she had everything going for her. But something went wrong. When a disgruntled client goes on a killing spree in the office, Brenda is counted among the dead. Except she came back. After learning to cope with her near death experience and newfound psychic abilities, Brenda and her lover decide to move to Tampa, Florida and the house of their dreams. Malfour House is an old Victorian located in The Tides of Palmetto, an exclusive community for the rich. But after she and Tina move in, Brenda finds the dingy walls and empty rooms screaming their secrets in her mind. Brenda begins tracing a path filled with unsolved murder, betrayal, ghosts and the deadly curses of Santeria, a darkly exotic religion. Realizing that Malfour House will not let her leave until she unravels the clues to the horrifying murders long buried in its past, Brenda renews her career as a private investigator. And if that wasn't enough of a puzzle to solve, there is a mysterious intruder trying to chase her and Tina out of Malfour House.
Cover Image Tangled and Dark (2004)
Brenda Strange is back. A Private Investigator in Tampa, Florida, Brenda isn't your ordinary private eye. This time, she's got the living and the dead wanting a piece of the action. Proving that a death ruled as an accidental drowning was actually murder gets a bit more complicated than Brenda Strange bargained for. It's Christmas time in Florida but the heat's up full blast. Brenda is investigating the death of Paula Drakes, a local businesswoman and a leader in the lesbian community. When one of Brenda's suspects, Joan Davis, ends up dead, the path of her investigation puts her face to face with not one, but two possible killers -- one diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder and violent enough to commit murder. Along the way, her job becomes more bizarre when her suspects start getting spooked by a fishy apparition that leaves wet footprints behind. Brenda has to catch up with the killers before something that goes bump in the night bumps them off. And if this problem isn't enough, Brenda has to patch up the relationship with her mother and reconcile with her lover...

Cover Image The Missing Page: A Brenda Strange Mystery (2005)
Autograph collecting… an industry rife with forgeries, screaming teens chasing their idols, and high rollers dealing in rare historical documents. In THE MISSING PAGE, the third book in the Brenda Strange mystery series, Brenda is thrust into a case involving a rare, handwritten manuscript that has allegedly been stolen. A man who claims that he inherited the manuscript hires Brenda to find it. But before Brenda can even get started, the man’s decapitated body turns up in Spain. Intrigued by the case, Brenda decides to investigate the disappearance of the manuscript and her client’s gruesome murder. What Brenda doesn’t count on is the FBI getting involved, the manuscript landing in her lap and more people losing their heads along the way. It’s a heart-pounding race against time for Brenda to find the killers and prevent her own head from being offed. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure is haunting Brenda and Malfour House, and a diary from Brenda’s mother reveals a secret within her own family that shakes Brenda’s inner soul...

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