Jack Kramer

Easy Gardening No Stress No Strain by Jack Kramer
Current Residence: Naples, FL
Setting: South Florida
Genre: Gardening

Jack Kramer has been growing and writing about orchids for over a half century. Kramer has published over 160 books, primarily about gardening. His books are based on personal experience with each plant. Kramer now lives and tends his beautiful orchid collection in Naples, Florida.

Bromeliads for Home and Garden by Jack Kramer100 Orchids for Florida by Jack KramerComplete Houseplants by Jack KramerArt of Flowers by Jack KramerEasy Care Guide to Houseplants by Jack Kramer

Book List

Bromeliads for Home and Garden (2011)
Complete houseplants : featuring over 240 easy-care favorites (2008)
100 Orchids for Florida (2006)
Women Of Flowers: A Tribute to Victorian Women Illustrators (2005)
Art of Flowers: a celebration of botanical illustration, its masters and methods (2002)
Easy Care Guide to Houseplants (1999)

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