Jahoda, Gloria

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The Other Florida (1967)

The Road to Samarkand: Frederick Delius and His Music (1969)
"When high-spirited young Fritz Delius of Yorkshire, England, came to Florida in 1884 to plant oranges..(it) was only an excuse to escape his parents, who had forbidden him to try earning his living at the one thing he really wanted: music. In Florida he found it - the music of the American people, especially the American Negro. He never produced a crop of organges, but he began his career as a composer..Thirty-eight years before Gershwin's 'Porgy and B e s s ' he had finished the first Negro opera, 'Koanga'..'The Road to Samarkand' was the title of a pilgrims' chorus Delius wrote for a Broadway play. It was also, he knew, the road every man must travel in search of fulfillment. His personal 'ro ad t o Samarkand' began on an American orange grove he never forgot."
River of the Golden Ibis (Hillsbourough County)
River of the Golden Ibis (1973)
From its idyllic source in the Green Swamp, the Hillsborough River winds past columns of cypress and matted shrubs and opens into Tampa Bay, part of Florida's urbanized, publicized western Suncoast. The river is not a long one, but the size of its legend in contemporary America is farreaching. Many factors have made the area special: its natural history; its successive waves of immigrants; its wars, booms, and depressions. The cigar industry, banana exporting, cattle raising, fishing, and retirement have attracted many settlers in search of the" Golden Ibis." All too often the vision has proved elusive, but for some, like Henry Plant and Doc Webb, the spectacular was possible. For others, like the Seminoles, a way of life ended. In a narrative that is as exciting to read as it is historically compelling, Gloria Jahoda traces the Hillsborough River's origin to prehistoric times, chronicles the arrivals of the conquistadores, the missionaries, and the marauders greedy for civilizing and for treasure, and points out how 20th-century ambitions threaten to destroy the environment as surely as earlier encroachment annihilated native peoples.
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Florida: A Bicentennial History (1976)

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