James Gardner

James S Gardner with his Most Important Audience
Website: http://JamesGardnerNow.blogspot.com
Birthplace: Albany
Current Residence: Palm Beach vicinity
Setting: Global, but main focus is on deep Africa
Genre: Adventure Thriller


A Look At Author James Gardner

Seaplane pilot, sailor, scuba diver, fisherman, activist, conservationist, world traveler, avid golfer, (and best grandad ever), James Gardner could easily be the hero of his own books in his Dark Continent Chronicles trilogy that includes, "The Lion Killer," "The Zambezi Vendetta," and "The Honey Guide."

Yet Gardner says his lead protagonist, Rigby Croxford, is a compilation of the extraordinary characters he's met on his 25 safaris to Africa.

Raised in Florida, where he continues to live with his family, Gardner took his first trip to Africa in 1968. He landed in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in the midst of the Rhodesian Bush War, which proved to be disconcerting when he confused body bags for golf travel bags at an airport. Flying to Entebbe, Uganda in 1972 proved even more disturbing when a riot ensued because Idi Amin declared that all Indians must leave the country.

Gardner continues to go back to Africa. The resilience of the African spirit is his inspiration. Says Jim, "Africans are superb survivalists. If they weren't, we wouldn't exist."

Born in Albany, New York, Gardner moved to Florida in 1947. He attended the University of Kentucky and Florida Atlantic University where he received a BA degree and met his wife of 45 years, Barbara. They have one daughter Jennifer.

At times, Africa must have seemed tame to Gardner who made his living in Palm Beach County as a Senior Vice President with Smith Barney for forty years. His intimate knowledge of the national and global economy plays a key role in his book.

Gardner began to write "The Lion Killer" a few years ago. He was motivated, in part, to bring attention to what is happening to African countries, like Zimbabwe and the Sudan. "Zimbabwe was once called the bread basket of the Dark Continent and now it's reduced to a basket case. The unemployment rate is 94%. The annual inflation rate peaked at one billion percent per month until the currency finally collapsed. The AIDS pandemic has dropped the average Zimbabwean woman's life expectancy from 63 years to 37 in only 10 years."

He was moved to write a brief, non-fiction commentary and expose' of the declining human condition that he witnessed while on the ground in Zimbabwe. In it he calls attention to the economic and human tragedy that is being created and perpetuated by the current political regime. (For a free copy via email, write to Jim at jamessgardner@comcast.net and ask for "An Autopsy of Zimbabwe."

Looking farther afield in Africa, Gardner believes the genocide in Darfur is a byproduct of the grab for Sudan's natural resources. "It's easy to exploit people when they're cutting each other up with $3 Chinese machetes. China has invested ten billion dollars in Sudan's oil infrastructure. After they discovered oil in the Darfur, it became obvious their motivation was to steal the land from the indigenous tribes. The Khartoum government has condoned the killing of 400,000 Africans and the displacement of 2 million people from their ancestral lands."

Jim believes in helping in any way possible. Besides traveling and writing both fiction and non-fiction about Africa, he puts his money where the need is and is donating proceeds from the sales of his blockbuster "The Lion Killer" to the Helping Hands Matabeleland North and the Rose of Charity Sanctuary.

"The Lion Killer," released by Pennington Publishers, is the first in his "Dark Continent Chronicles" trilogy. The Zambezi Vendetta and The Honey Guide complete the series.

Learn more about Jim, his books, book-signing and speaking events on his blog: JamesGardnerNow.blogspot.com .

Book List

"The Lion Killer,"
"The Zambezi Vendetta,"
"The Honey Guide."

Get a Free eCopy of An Autopsy of Zimbabwe (email Jim at JamesSGardner @ comcast.net)

The Lion KIller by James S. GardnerThe Zambezi Vendetta by James S. Gardner
Autopsy of Zimbabwe: On the Human Condition in Zimbabwe

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