Jane Heller

Jane Heller Website: Jane Heller
Birthplace: Scarsdale, NY
Current Residence: Santa Barbara, CA
Setting: Various
Genre: Humor, Romance

Jane Heller, after nearly a decade of promoting writers, launched her own career as a sucessful novelist. Heller lived in Stuart, FL for nearly seven years. Her novels, Sis Boom Bah and Infernal Affairs take place in Florida. Heller lives in Santa Barbara, CA.

Best Enemies by Jane HellerConfessions of A She-Fan by Jane HellerLucky Stars by Jane HellerSome Nerve by Jane HellerSis Boom Bah by Jane Heller

Book List

Some Nerve (2006)
An Ex to Grind (2005)
Best Enemies (2004)
Lucky Stars (2003)
The Secret Ingredient (2002)
Female Intelligence (2001)
Name Dropping (2000)
Sis Boom Bah (1999)
Crystal Clear (1998)
Princess Charming (1997)
Infernal Affairs (1996)
The Club (1995)
Cha Cha Cha (1994)


Confessions of a She-Fan (2009)

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