Janeen Mason

Janeen MasonWebsite: Janeen Mason
Current Residence: Stuart, FL
Setting: Various
Genre: Children's Literature, Illustration

Janeen Mason is the illustrator of children's books. Mason was appointed by Florida's Senate President to the Florida Arts Council. Her work is touring several Florida museums and Mason has received two prestigious awards: The U.S. Maritime Literature Award for her book titled "Ocean Commotion: Sea Turtles!", and, a Lifetime Achievement in the Arts Award.

Book List
For Baby (Bobbie) by John Denver (2009)
The World's Greatest Explorer (2009)
Kissimmee Pete and the Hurricane by Jan Day (2008)
Going Around the Sun: Some Planetary Fun (2008)
Ocean Commotion by Janeen Mason (2006)
Kissimmee Pete, Cracker Cow Hunter by Jan Day (2005)
Color Color, Where Are You, Color by Mary B. Koski (2004)
Pirate Pink and the Treasures of the Reef by Jan Day (2003)
Pirate Pink by Jan Day (2001)

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