Jaret Daniels

Jaret DanielsWebsite: Jaret Daniels
Current Residence: Gainesville, FL
Setting: Butterflies
Genre: Non-Fiction

Jaret C. Daniels, Ph.D. is the Assistant Director for Research at the University of Florida's new McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity. Daniels has authored more than 40 scientific papers, popular articles, and books dealing with butterflies, conservation, integrated pest management, and butterfly gardening. Daniels has served as a design and technical consultant for numerous butterfly houses, commercial landscape projects, and school and home gardens.
Butterflies of Florida field guideYour Florida guide to butterfly gardening : a guide for the Deep South

Book List

Florida Wildflowers and Butterflies (2007) with Dale A. Johnson
Butterflies of Michigan Field Guide (2005)
Butterflies of Ohio Field Guide (2004)
Butterflies of Georgia Field Guide (2004)
Butterflies of the Carolinas Field Guide (2003)
Butterflies of Florida Field Guide (2003)
Your Florida Guide to Butterfly Gardening (2000)

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