Jerald T. Milanich

Dr. Jerald T. Milanich Website: Jerald T. Milanich
Current Residence: Gainesville, FL
Genre: Non-Fiction

Jerald T. Milanich is curator of archaeology in the Department of Anthropology at the Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville. Milanich is the author or editor of twelve books and monographs, including Tacachale: Essays on the Indians of Florida and Southeastern Georgia during the Historic Period (with Samuel Proctor, UPF, 1978, reprinted 1994), Archaeology of Precolumbian Florida (UPF, 1994), and Hernando de Soto and the Indians of Florida (with Charles Hudson, UPF, 1993), the last two of which received the Rembert Patrick Award from the Florida Historical Society.

Remarkable Curiosity by Amos J Cummings and Jerald T Milanich

Book List

A Remarkable Curiosity: Dispatches from a New York City Journalist's 1873 Railroad Trip across the American West. (2008) Laboring in the Fields of the Lord, Spanish Missions and Southeastern Indians. (2006) Frolicking Bears, Wet Vultures, And Other Oddities: A New York City Journalist in Nineteenth-Century Florida. (2005)
Florida's Lost Tribes—Through the Eyes of an Artist (2004)
Archaeology of northern Florida, A.D. 200-900: the McKeithen Weeden Island culture (2004)
Famous Florida Sites—Mt. Royal and Crystal River (1999)
Laboring in the Fields of the Lord: Spanish Missions and Southeastern Indians (1999)
Florida Indians and the Invasion from Europe (1998)
Florida Indians from Ancient Times to the Present (1998)
The Timucua (1996)
Archaeology of Precolumbian Florida (1994)
Hernando de Soto and the Indians of Florida (1993)
Earliest Hispanic/Native American interactions in the American Southeast. (1991)
First Encounters: Spanish explorations in the Caribbean and the United States, 1492-1570. (1989)
Tacachale: essays on the Indians of Florida and southeastern Georgia during the historic period (1978) with Samuel Proctor

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