Joe W. Haldeman

Joe W. Haldeman
Website: Joe Haldeman's Tangled Web
Birthplace: Oklahoma City, OK
Residence: Gainesville, FL
Settings: Viet Nam, Florida, Outerspace
Genre: Science Fiction

Joe Haldeman (1943 - ) has often combined his training in physics and astronomy and his experience in the Vietnam war to create authentic science fiction stories that provide interesting insights into intergalatic battles . His most recognized work, The Forever War, describes a war where soldiers travel through worm holes across galaxies to wage a never-ending war. The Forever War won both the Hugo Award and Nebula Award and was turned into a mini-series for the Science Fiction Channel. He currently lives in Gainesville, Florida and is the brother of science fiction author, Jack Haldeman.

Book List

The Accidental Time Machine (2007)

Old Twentieth (2005)

Camouflage (2004)

Guardian (2002)

The Coming (2000)

The Hemingway Hoax (1990)

Buying Time (1989)

Tool of the Trade (1987)

There is No Darkness (1983) written with his brother, Jack Haldeman

All My Sins Remembered (1977)

Planet of Judgment (1977)

Mindbridge (1976)

Worlds Trilogy

Worlds: A Novel of the Near Future (2002)

Worlds Enough and Time (1992)

Worlds Apart (1983)

Forever Trilogy

Forever Free (1999)

Forever Peace (1997)

Forever War (1975)

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