John Dufresne

John Dufresne Website: John Dufresne
Birthplace: Worcester, Massachusetts
Current Residence: Dania, FL
Setting: New England, The South
Genre: Fiction, Short Stories, Plays, Writing

John Dufresne (1948-) has a creative writing degree from the University of Arkansas. Dufresne teaches Creative Writing at Florida International University in Miami. Eve Richardson of Poets and Writers characterizes Dufresne's writing style as "unfailingly fallible, often quirky, human to the last molecule, seeking a coherent existence in an oft-mad world, and pursued by Trouble." Requiem, Mass was awarded the Gold Medal for General Fiction at the 2008 Florida Book Awards. He lives in Dania, FL.

No Regrets, Coyote by John DufresneJohnny Too Bad by John DufresneLove Warps the Mind A Little by John DufresneDeep in the Shade of Paradise by John DufresneRequiem, Mass by John DufresneIs Life Like This by John Dufresne

Book List

No regrets, Coyote (2013)
Requiem, Mass. (2008)
Johnny Too Bad: Stories
Deep in the Shade of Paradise (novel) 2002.
Love Warps the Mind a Little (novel) 1996.
Louisiana Power and Light (novel) 1994.
The Way That Water Enters Stone (short stories) 1991.


Is Life Like This?: A Guide to Writing Your First Novel in Six Months (2010)
The Lie That Tells a Truth: A Guide to Writing Fiction

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