John Grogan

John Grogan Website: John Grogan
Birthplace: Detroit, MI
Current Residence: Philadelphia, PA
Setting: South Florida and Philadelphia, PA
Genre: Memoir, Juvenile Non-Fiction

John Grogan (1957-) received a B.A. in Journalism and English from the Central Michigan University and an M. A. from Ohio State University. Grogan was a columnist for the Sun-Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale during the 1990's. As newlyweds, Grogan and his wife choose a yellow labrador retriever, Marley, as the first member of their family. Marley was a "wildly neurotic Labrador retriever". Marley & Me is Grogan's memoir about his family and his unusual dog.

Marley & Me by John GroganLongest Trip Home by John GroganLife Is Like A Sailboat by John Grogan

Book List

Life Is Like A Sailboat: Selected Writings on Life and Living (2009)
Longest Trip Home (2008)
Bad Dogs Have More Fun (2007)
Marley & Me (2005)

Juvenile Non-Fiction

Marley and the Kittens (2010)
Marley's Big Adventure (2009)
Marley Goes to School (2009)
Marley to the Rescue (2008)
Meet Marley (2008)
A Very Marley Christmas (2008)
Marley: A Dog Like No Other (2007)
Bad Dog, Marley! (2007)

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