John Katzenbach

John Katzenbach
Website: John Katzenbach
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Current Residence: Western Massachussettes
Setting: Florida Keys, Everglades
Genre: crime thrillers

John Katzenbach (1950 -) is the son of Nicholas Katzenbach. Two of his novels Hart's War and Just Cause have been turned into movies. Currently, one of his novels Madman's Tale is being adapted into a movie.

Book List

Madman's Tale (2004)
The Analyst (2002)
Hart's War (1999)
State of Mind (1997)
The Shadow Man (1995)
Just Cause (1992)
Day of Reckoning (1989)
The Traveler (1987)
First Born: The Death of Arnold Zeleznick, Age Nine (1984)
In the Heat of the Summer (1982)

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