John Dos Passos

John Dos Passos
Birthplace: Chicago, IL

John R. Dos Passos (1896-1970)

Book List

Eight Harvard Poets, Laurence J. Gomme, 1917. (Contributor)
One Man's Initiation--1917
Three Soldiers, Doran, 1921
Rosinante to the Road Again 1922.
A Pushcart at the Curb 1922.
Streets of Night, 1923.
Manhattan Transfer, Harper, 1925, 1980.
Orient Express, 1927
Facing the Chair: Story of the Americanization of Two Foreignborn Workmen, Sacco-Vanzetti Defense Committee 1927
The 42nd Parallel (first book in "U.S.A." trilogy; also see below), 1930
1919 (second book in "U.S.A." trilogy; also see below), 1932
Culture and the Crisis: An Open Letter to the Writers, Artists, Teachers, Physicians, Engineers, Scientists, and Other Professional Workers of America, League of Professional Groups for Foster & Ford 1932.
In All Countries, 1934.
The Big Money (third book in "U.S.A." trilogy; also see below), 1936
(Contributor) Henry Hart, editor, American Writers Conference, 1935.
The Villages Are the Heart of Spain, 1937.
Journeys between Wars, 1938
U.S.A. (trilogy; contains The 42nd Parallel, 1919, and The Big Money), 1938.
Adventures of a Young Man (first book in "District of Columbia" trilogy; also see below), 1939
The Living Thoughts of Tom Paine, Presented by John Dos Passos, Longmans, Green, 1940,
The Ground We Stand On, 1941
(Contributor) Herman Ould, editor, Writers in Freedom, Hutchinson, 1942.
Number One (second book in "District of Columbia" trilogy; also see below), 1943
State of the Nation, 1944, .
Tour of Duty, 1946
The Grand Design (third book in "District of Columbia" trilogy; also see below), 1949
The Prospect Before Us, 1950
Life's Picture History of World War II, 1950.
Chosen Country, 1951.
District of Columbia (trilogy; contains Adventures of a Young Man, Number One, and The Grand Design), 1952.
The Head and Heart of Thomas Jefferson, 1954.
Most Likely to Succeed, 1954.
The Theme Is Freedom, 1956,
The Men Who Made the Nation, 1957.
(Contributor) Essays on Individuality, 1958.
The Great Days, 1958.
Prospects of a Golden Age, 1959.
Midcentury: A Contemporary Chronicle, 1961.
Mr. Wilson's War, 1962.
Brazil on the Move (travel), 1963.
Occasions and Protests (essays, 1936-1964), 1964.
Thomas Jefferson: The Making of a President, 1964.
(Contributor) Allan Nevins, editor, Lincoln and the Gettysberg Address, 1964.
The Shackles of Power: Three Jeffersonian Decades, 1801-1826, 1966.
The World in a Glass: A View of Our Century Selected from the Novels of John Dos Passos, 1966.
The Best Times: An Informal Memoir, 1966.
The Portugal Story: Three Centuries of Exploration and Discovery, 1969.
Easter Island: Island of Enigmas, 1971.
The Fourteenth Chronicle: Letters and Diaries of John Dos Passos, edited by Townsend Ludington, 1973.
Century's Ebb: The Thirteenth Chronicle, 1975.
Promise of U.S.A.: John Dos Passos' Thumbnail Biographies, edited by Edgar Stanton, 1975.
John Dos Passos: The Major Nonfictional Prose, edited by Donald Pizer, 1988.
John Dos Passos' Correspondence with Arthur K. McComb, or, "Learn to Sing the Carmagnole", 1991.
Novels, 1920-1925, 2003.
Travel Books and Other Writings, 2003.


The Garbage Man (produced, 1926; also see below), 1926.

Airways, Inc. , 1928.

Three Plays: The Garbage Man, Airways, Inc., Fortune Heights (produced in U.S.S.R., 1933), 1934.

(With Paul Shyre) U.S.A.: A Dramatic Revue, Samuel French, 1963.

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