Jonathon King

Jonathon KingWebsite: Jonathon King
Current Residence: Boca Raton
Setting: Everglades, South Florida
Genre: Mystery, Crime

Jonathon King was a police and court reporter for twenty-four years with the Sun-Sentinel and the Philadelphia Daily News. King's novel, Blue Edge of Midnight won the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best First Novel from the Mystery Writers of America in 2003. King currently writes fiction full-time. King's latest book, The Styx, is a historical novel about the black workers who built and worked in a Palm Beach Hotel. The Styx was a bronze medal winner at the 2009 Florida Book Awards.

Midnight Guardians by Jonathon KingActs of Nature by Jonathon KingKilling Night by Jonathon KingShadow Men by Jonathon KingEye of Vengence by Jonathon KingStyx by Jonathon King

Book List


Styx (2009)

Max Freeman Series
Midnight Guardians (2010)
Acts of Nature (2007)
A Killing Night (2005)
Shadow Men (2004)
A Visible Darkness (2003)
The Blue Edge of Midnight (2002)

Nick Mullins
Eye of Vengeance (2006)

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