Jorge Castillo

Jorge Castillo

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Birthplace: Cayo La Rosa, Cuba
Current Residence: Miami, Florida
Setting: Florida
Genre: Cooking

Jorge Castillo was born and raised in Cayo la Rosa, Havana. He came to the United States via the Mariel Boatlift in 1980, then left Miami after three months to live in Iowa, where he became a respiratory therapist. He is a member of a group called "Three Guys from Miami." The other two "guys" are Glenn M. Lindgren and Raúl Musibay. Jorge is the artist of the group, at least when it comes to food. Unlike his two brothers-in-law, he has always had an eye for artistic food presentation. Jorge lives in the West Kendall area of Miami with his wife, Mary Castillo. They have two daughters, Mariel and Allison, and a granddaughter, Sienna.

Book List

Three Guys From Miami Celebrate Cuban with Glenn M. Lindgren and Raul Musibay (2006)
Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban with Glenn M. Lindgren and Raul Musibay (2004)

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