Joy Williams

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Birthplace: Chelmsford, MA
Current Residence: Key West, FL & Tucson, AZ
Setting: varies
Genre: Literary fiction, Magic Realism, short stories

Joy Williams (1944-) taught creative writing at the University of Florida, among other schools. Williams has been nominated for a National Book Award for fiction, a Pulitzer Prize for fiction, and a National Book Circle Critics award for criticism. She currently makes her home in Key West, FL and Tucson, AZ.

Book List
The Quick and the Dead (2000)
Breaking and Entering (1988)
The Changeling (1978)
State of Grace (1973)

Story collections
Honored Guest (2004)
Escapes (1990)
Taking Care (1982)

The Florida Keys: A History & Guide, illustrated by Robert Carawan (Tenth Edition) (2003)
Ill Nature: Rants and Reflections on Humanity and Other Animals (essays) (2001)

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