Katherine Garbera

Katherine GarberaWebsite: Katherine Garbera
Current Residence: Central, FL
Setting: Various
Genre: Romance

Katherine Garbera started writing books when she was in the swim team in high school. Garbera has worked for 15 years with Walt Disney World Company from being a hostess on It's A Small World and being a production page for the new Mickey Mouse Club. Garbera's been nominated for several writing awards including RT Book Club's Best Silhouette Desire (2001, 2006), and Career Achievement (2003, 2006, 2007) Awards. Garbera currently lives in Central FL with her husband and two children.

Book List

El Millonario Italiano (2009)
Taming the Texas Tycoon (2009)
Moretti Arrangement (2009)
Moretti Seduction (2009)
Moretti Heir (2009)
Bare Nerve (2009)
Mercenary: the Savage Seven (2009)
Baby Business (2008)
The Greek Tycoon's Secret Heir (2008)
The Spanish Aristocrat's Woman (2008)
The Wealthy Frenchman's Proposition (2008)
Bare Facts (2008)
Bare Witness (2008)
High-Society Mistress (2007)
Make-Believe Mistress (2007)
Six-Month Mistress (2007)
Sex with a Stranger (2007)
Her High-Stakes Affair (2006)
Their Million-Dollar Night (2006)
The Once a Mistress Wife (2006)
Body Heat (2006)
His Wedding Night Wager (2006)
Ultimate Romantic Challenge (2006)
Amazon Strain (2005)
Rock Me All Night (2005)
Let It Ride (2004)
One Hot Weekend (2004)
Sin City Weekend (2004)
Mistress Minded (2004)
Exposed (2004)
Operation: Second Chance (2004)
Night Life (2004)
Tycoon for Auction (2003)
Cinderella's Millionaire (2003)
In Bed with Beauty (2003)
Cinderella's Christmas Affair (2003)
Tycoon's Lady (2002)
Cinderella's Convenient Husband (2002)
Tycoon's Temptation (2002)
Overnight Cinderella (2001)
Miranda's Outlaw (1998)
The Bachelor Next Door (1997)

Taming the Texas TycoonMoretti ArrangementBare FactsBaby Businss

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