Kathleen Ann Goonan

Kathleen Ann GoonanWebsite: http://www.goonan.com/
Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio
Current Residence: Tennessee and Lakeland, FL
Genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy

Kathleen Ann Goonan burst into prominence with Queen City Jazz, the start of her Nanotech Quartet. The Bones of Time, her widely acclaimed second novel, was a finalist for the Arthur C. Clarke Award in 2000. Crescent City Rhapsody (third in the Quartet) was a Nebula nominee, while Light Music, the conclusion of the series, was described by Booklist as the "brilliant conclusion to a tetralogy as consequential in sf as Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars trilogy."
She and her husband divide their time between homes in Tennessee and in the Florida Keys.

Book List

Nanotech Cycle
Light Music (2002)
Crescent City Rhapsody (2000)
Mississippi Blues (1997)
Queen City Jazz (1994)

In War Times (2007)
The Bones of Time (1996)

Light MusicCrescent City RhapsodyMississippi Blues

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