Kathleen O'Brien

Kathleen O'BrienWebsite: Kathleen O'Brien
Current Residence: Florida
Setting: Virginia, United States
Genre: Romance

Kathleen O'Brien lives in Florida along with her husband, son and her daughter. O'Brien is a romance writer and prolific blogger. Her personal blog can be found on her website.

Book List
More Than Words Volume 4 (2008)
Texas Baby (2007)
Everything But the Baby (2007)
Christmas in Hawthorne Bay (2006)
Quiet as the Grave (2006)
Firefly Glen (2006)
Happily Never After (2005)
The Stranger (2005)
The Sinner (2005)
The Saint (2004)
Homecoming Baby (2004)
Mysteries of Lost Angel Inn (2004)
One Safe Place (2003)
Babes in Arms (2002)
Redemption of Matthew Quinn (2002)

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