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Lafray's Big Guide to Florida Restaurants Joyce Lafray's Big Guide to Florida Restaurants (2005)
Traveling in Florida? Care about your taste buds as well as your tan? Your mojito as
well as the water temperature? Then Joyce LaFray’s Big Guide to Florida Restaurants may be the "food find" you’re searching for. This newly revised and expanded edition covers every corner of the state, from top to bottom, from the casual Bahamian eateries of the Keys and funky hotspots of South Beach, to the giddy environs of Disney. Always on the look out for the places where the locals go to dine, LaFray shares what other guides overlook, off-the-beaten path eateries that serve up the best values in a variety of scintillating settings. Such a diverse population as Florida’s creates a fusion of cuisines: French, Thai, Vietnamese, Greek, Seminole Indian, to name a few. A crossroads of island cuisines offers menus that draw from African, Jamaican, Spanish, Cuban and numerous other influences. Such a melting pot demands a critic with a discerning palate. Is that red snapper fresh?
Cover Image Bern's Steak House: Reflections and Recipes from a Remarkable Restaurant (2002)
If you never knew Bern Laxer, you will learn to love his quirky personality. There is the genius, the inventor, the what-you-see-is-what-you get man who once admitted to an interviewer, "It's true, I'm a nut!" From its inception as Gert's Little Midway, to the incredible restaurant it is today, you will be amazed at the vision and love behind this world-famous restaurant.
Country Cookin' by Joyce Lafray Young: Book Cover Country Cookin': Famous Recipes from Famous Places (1996)
Cover Image Cuba Cocina! (1994)
Publishers Weekly
Read this book for an insider's urbane perspective on Cuban cuisine-and for its spicy "Floribbean" creations. Food writer and television-cooking-show host Lafray has written several guides to Florida restaurants-and her cookbook also could serve as a culinary guide, since almost one-third of the recipes come from professional chefs and restaurateurs from both the U.S. and Cuba. Yet Lafray's book is not a paean to celebrity chefs so much as a chronicle of the influences of Cuban culture on American cooking, a trend she invokes frequently as "nuevo Cubano." The New Cuban style calls for fresh tropical fruits and vegetables, combined with meats and fish into lighter dishes than might have been traditional in old Cuba. For example, black beans may be made unctuous with creamy lard and garnished with crispy pork cracklings-or cooked with olive oil, instead. A practical tone makes Lafray's recipes seem unintimidating: unusual ingredients are defined, and tips on handling and preparations are found in almost all recipe prefaces. Enthusiasm can make Lafray sound a bit repetitious, but she demonstrates the style and flair of Cuban cooking and brings recipes of talented Cuban and Floridian chefs to a wider audience.
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GD TO FLORIDA'S BEST RESTAURANTS-2 by Joyce LaFray: Book Cover Guide to Florida's Best Restaurants
Tropic Cooking by Joyce LaFray: Book Cover Tropic Cooking: The New Cuisine from Florida and the Islands of the Caribbean (1987)
Library Journal
Thirty-five pages of Caribbean drinks should put cooks in the mood to explore further Young's very good Tropic Cookery . The variety of ingredients in the region and the influences of natives and African, European, and Asian immigrants lead to wonderfully vivid flavors. Happily, many stores now carry the ingredients for recipes such as charbroiled tuna with tarragon papaya sauce or starfruit and peach soup. The soup chapter, including a delicious duck and black bean soup, will be much used. Some recipes (johnnycakes made with coconut milk) are variations on mainland ones; others are truly tropic. Interesting and useful. SP
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Cover Image Key Lime Desserts (Famous Florida)
Cover Image Key Lime Cookin': Famous Recipes from Famous Places (Famous Florida!)
Cover Image Crab Cooking: Famous Recipes from Famous Places (Famous Florida!)
Conch Cooking by Joyce Lafray Young: Book Cover Conch Cooking: Famous Recipes from Famous Places (Famous Florida!)
Orange Recipes by Joyce Lafray Young: Book Cover Orange Recipes (Famous Florida)
Cover Image Famous Seafood Recipes (Famous Florida)
Seminole Indian Recipes by Joyce LaFray: Book Cover Seminole Indian Recipes (Famous Florida)

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