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Lamb, Joyce - Florida Authors Relative Strangers (2002)
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Lamb's debut novel gets off to a fast and furious start as Florida jewel thief Margot Rhineheart discovers Beau Kama, the love of her life, brutally murdered. When she learns that her boss, Slater Nielson, had Beau killed, she flees the state. As Margot escapes, journalist Meg Grant arrives. Strangely enough, Meg looks remarkably like Margot, and no one believes that she isn't Margot, least of all Beau's brother, Ryan. He wants revenge for Beau's murder but is drawn to the feisty green-eyed woman who he believes jilted his brother. Meg's identity is finally verified but not before Nielson's men track her down and attack her. Luckily, Meg lives, and a guilt-ridden Ryan nurses her back to health. Meanwhile, one of Nielson's men finds the real Margot and hauls her back to Florida. The two women ultimately come face-to-face for a climactic showdown with Nielson that challenges everything that they hold dear. Relative Strangers is a rollicking ride full of blazing passion, nonstop suspense, and heart-pounding action. Megan Kalan
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Caught in the Act Caught in the Act (2003)
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When Jessie's brakes go out on a rainy Florida night, the young city editor for the Star-News is saved from a flaming death by freelance investigative journalist Clay Christopher, whose tree she crashed into. Finding that the brakes were cut, Clay, fast falling in love with Jessie after three years of mourning his wife, hires an investigator who discovers that she has a hidden past. When Jessie meets her police informant who verified the photos that were featured in a front-page expose of police misconduct, he is shot as he tries to tell her who blackmailed him into lying about his colleagues. A rocky relationship with her editor and repeated attempts on her life throw her into Clay's arms and bed. Page-turning suspense and a rewarding romance make for a riveting read. Diana Tixier Herald
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Cold Midnight by Joyce Lamb: Book Cover Cold Midnight (August 2009)
Kendall Falls, Florida, is a small town with a big past — and even bigger secrets.

Ten years ago, Kylie McKay suffered a brutal assault that ended her professional tennis career and sent her running from everything— and everyone — she loved. Now she’s back in Kendall Falls, determined to build a community tennis center and keep her eye on the future. But someone from her past has other plans ...

When Kylie’s construction site is vandalized, the man Kylie once left brokenhearted steps in. Detective Chase Manning has no doubt that Kylie’s life is in danger — and he’ll do anything to protect the woman he once loved. Even if it means ignoring their intense desire in order to catch a killer before he reaches his breaking point …

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