Laurence Shames

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Birthplace: Newark, New Jersey
Current Residence: Ojai, California
Setting: Key West
Genre: Comic Thriller

Laurance Shames is a native of New Jersey, who moved to Key West in 1989. Mr. Shames is the author of a number of comic thrillers set in the Florida Keys. Laurance Shames is a former columnist for Esquire. He is the ghostwriter of the New York Times bestseller Boss of Bosses. He lives in Ojai, California.

Book List

Written as Gary Troup

Bad Twin (2006)

Written as Laurence Shames

The Naked Detective (2000)
Welcome to Paradise (1999)
Mangrove Squeeze (1998)
Virgin Heat (1997)
Tropical Depression (1996)
Scavenger Reef (1995)
Sunburn (1995)
Florida Straits (1992)


Not Fade Away (2003)

Florida StraitsScavenger ReefSunburnTropical DepressionVirgin HeatMangrove SqueezeWelcome to ParadiseThe Naked Detective

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