Leto, Julie Elizabeth

Leto, Julie Elizabeth - Florida Authors
Just Watch Me... (2002)
Sometimes she liked to watch.... P.I. Jillian Hennessy is sure that her latest case will make her career. So when she discovers her technical team has wired the wrong house, she's pretty upset...until images of her oh-so-sexy neighbor Cade Lawrence appear on her monitor. Images that Jillian has no business watching — but can't take her eyes off...

Undercover detective Cade Lawrence is on a surveillance mission — only, he can't see past his gorgeous neighbor. It takes only one glimpse of Jillian's long legs to make Cade forget everything except his burning need to take her to bed. So when he discovers her equipment and learns that she's been watching him, Cade is surprised...and thrilled! Because now he's in a position to show Jillian that touching can be much more fun than watching....

Leto, Julie Elizabeth - Florida Authors
What's Your Pleasure ? (2002)
Pick a pleasure

Mystery author Devon Michaels is in a fix. Her publisher has offered her a lucrative contract, if she makes the jump to erotic thrillers. The problem: Devon's love scenes are - well, really bad. She's just never experienced sex worth writing about. She needs inspiration. And luckily, she knows just where to turn for some "hand-on" training.

Any pleasure

Detective Jake Tanner has been fighting his need for sexy Devon Michaels ever since he discovered her sitting in his night-school class. So he's incredibly surprised - and highly aroused - when she actually propositions him! Devon needs help uncovering her sensuality - his help. How can Jake possibly refuse? Especially when he';s fantasized, over and over again, how far Devon's "research" might take them both.

Leto, Julie Elizabeth - Florida Authors
Brazen and Burning (2003)
Romance writer Sydney "Slow Burn" Colburn has a head for three things — money, books and sex. Luckily for her, she gets to play around with all three — a lot. But now she wants more, needs more. So she tracks down the one man she's never been able to forget, her former lover Adam Brody. Only, to Adam she's not quite so memorable.

Months after a near-fatal car accident, Adam is just getting his life back. The last thing he expects is a vivacious redhead, with hot promises in her eyes and seduction on her mind, to track him down. Sydney claims they'd shared a torrid, secret affair. Only, Adam can't remember it — or anything else. But he will. Because no man can withstand Sydney's powers of persuasion for long.

Leto, Julie Elizabeth - Florida Authors

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