Linda Crockett

Daniel Keyes - Florida Authors Birthplace: Ontario, Canada
Current Residence: Gastonia, NC and St. Petersburg, FL
Genre: Suspense, Romance
Psuedonyms: Christina Crockett; Linda Crockett Gray

Linda Crockett (1943 - ) received her B.A. and M. A. from Florida State University. Crockett worked as a teacher for nearly ten years. Crockett has served as a Docent for the Salvador Dali Museum and the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts for ten years.

Book List

Suspense Novels

Sandman (1990)

Carousel (1993)

Suspense Novels as Linda Crockett Gray
Satyr (1981)
Siren (1982)
Scryer (1987)
Tangerine (1988)
Mama's Boy (1989)
Dark Window (1991)
Safelight (1992)

Other Novels as Linda Crockett Gray

Fortune's Fugitive (1980)

Romance Novels as Christina Crockett

To Touch a Dream (1983)

Moment of Magic (1983)

Song of the Seabird (1984)

Windward Passage (1985)

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