Lister, Michael

John Jordan Mysteries
Lister, Michael - Florida Authors Power in the Blood (1997)
When John Jordan gives up being a cop to become the chaplain in Florida's toughest prison, he discovers that in the closed society of captives and captors, no action goes unseen and no one takes kindly to a cop in a collar.
Lister, Michael - Florida Authors Blood of the Lamb (2004)
Florida prison chaplain John Jordan investigates the baffling and disturbing murder of the seven year-old adopted daughter of ex-con turned televangelist, Bobby Earl Caldwell--a murder committed in John's own locked office when Bobby Early conducts a service in the Potter Correctional Institution chapel. Second in a series.
Lister, Michael - Florida Authors Flesh and Blood (2006)
John Jordan is back-following POWER IN THE BLOOD and BLOOD OF THE LAMB---investigating eternal mysteries woven into the fabric of everyday life. Within the confines of seemingly ordinary cases, John explores the ineffable and inexplicable, the profoundly mysterious within the mundane. In this diverse collection of cases, John investigates the Shroud of Turin, a pregnant virgin, a daring prison break, a Hurricane Katrina orphan who might just be the Second Coming, a desperate woman who sleeps with one too many men, a bloody body on the rec yard, a mystery that turns on a single observation, and a murder in which John himself is the prime suspect-all this as he deals with depression and battles alcoholism. These stories are puzzles, whodunits, and enigmas, but they are much more. John Jordan doesn't just solve crime, he investigates the hidden heart of humanity and the mysterious world in which we live. Here are temporal answers and eternal questions, and at the center of it all, a conflicted man of faith and doubt, flawed, but faithful, who ministers mercy even as he thirsts for justice.

Short Stories
Lister, Michael - Florida Authors North Florida Noir (2006)
The mean streets of north Florida may be desolate rural highways or backwoods dirt roads, but they are no less capable of cruel indifference to criminal acts than their urban analogues. The ubiquitous slash pines remain just as silent as their concrete and steel counterparts in the asphalt jungle when witnessing the wicked and inhumane ways of humanity. North Florida Noir, the first in a series that explores the dark side of the sunshine state, is a collection of short stories that are noir in ways that only north Florida can be. From classic noir through contemporary neo-noir to future sci-fi-noir, this anthology traverses a diverse terrain telling disparate stories of desperate people committing dangerous acts and deadly deeds. Step back into the Panama City of the 1940¿and meet wounded, woman-haunted PI, Jimmy "Soldier" Riley, in Michael Lister¿s In a Spider¿s Web. Soldier is the main character in a new noir PI series that begins with the novel, The Big Goodbye. Pensacola is PI, Connor Samson¿s beat, and in Florida¿s westward-most town, he¿s about to see how sweet, alluring, and ultimately deadly A Kiss Like Money can be. Written by Victor Gischler of Gun Monkey¿s fame. Guilt, shame, lies, what¿s a little deceit among friends? Explore the true nature of betrayal in Diane Vogt¿s Death¿s Deceit. Visit a Panama City Beach yet to exist in Lon Prater¿s bleak vision of the future in the sci-fi noir story, Legwork. Judge Terry Lewis, author of Conflict of Interest, turns the gavel on a retired judge and gives new meaning to the words Pea Bargain. These and many other dark crime stories await you in North Florida Noir.
Lister, Michael - Florida Authors Another Quiet Night In Desperation (2008)
For those unafraid of the dark . . . . Comes a series of entertaining and thought-provoking stories as modern as MySpace and as timeless as revenge. Welcome to Desperation, the small north Florida mill town that is purgatory to 3,636 doomed souls-less after tonight. Beneath the billowing smoke that blots out the sun, its inhabitants lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them. Another Quiet Night in Desperation is a powerful collection of literate, provocative tales of lost innocence, doomed romanticism, hard-edged cynicism, obsession, desperate desire, and shadowy sexuality-stories about adults for adults. In these fictions of fate and futility, entropy and eroticism, acclaimed author Michael Lister takes readers on an exciting and twisting tour of the heartbreak of human frailty in a dead-end town dangling on the edge of oblivion.

Double Exposure by Michael ListerDouble Exposure (2009)
From Publishers Weekly This stand-alone thriller from Lister, author of the John Jordan series (Blood of the Lamb, etc.), opens on a suspenseful note, but deteriorates toward the end.ÂA camera set up by Remington James to photograph wildlife in the North Florida woods captures images of a man in uniform shooting a woman to death. Soon afterward, the murderer himself, an officer with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, confronts James, who spends the rest of the book fleeing from the gunman and his colleagues. James's ability to hold his own against trained killers strains belief, and his repeated inability to restrain himself from using the radio he picked up from one of the killer's allies, despite his knowledge that doing so could reveal his location, will also try readers' patience. The author's sparse prose moves the action along, but the pat resolution won't win him many new fans.Â(Sept.)
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Thunder Beach by Michael ListerThunder Beach (2010)
From Publishers Weekly In this less than impressive stand-alone crime novel from Lister (Double Exposure), Merrick McKnight, an unemployed newspaper journalist, struggles to maintain his bearings after the deaths of his wife and their young son, Ty, in a car accident. In Panama City, Fla., where Merrick hopes to get a glimpse of Regan, the married stripper with whom he's been having an affair, who's in town with her weekend-biker husband, he spots a photo of Ty's much older half-sister, Casey, with whom he's lost touch, on the cover of the official magazine of Thunder Beach, Panama City's annual spring biker rally. When Casey is reported missing, Merrick goes on a hunt for the young woman that takes him in and out of strip clubs and seedy bars. A possible link with sex slavery raises the stakes. Some readers may find a misunderstanding that relates to Casey's fate a bit of a cheat, while the idealistic note struck at the end jars with the atmosphere of grim realism that pervades the rest of the book. (May)
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