Lola Haskins

Lola Haskins Website: Lola Haskins
Current Residence: Gainesville
Genre: Poetry, Non-Fiction

Lola Haskins has published six poetry collections. Her work has appeared in Atlantic Monthly, The Christian Science Monitor, The London Review of Books, Prairie Schooner, Georgia Review, Southern Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, and The Quarterly, among others. Haskins has taught Computer Science at the University of Florida since the late 1970s, and lives on a farm outside Gainesville with her husband, Gerald, and assorted dogs, cats, ducks, and peacocks.

Fifteen Florida Cemeteries by Lola HaskinsExtranjera by Lola HaskinsNot Feathers Yet by Lola HaskinsDesire Lines by Lola Haskins

Book List

Fifteen Florida Cemeteries: Strange Tales Unearthed (2011)
Still, the Mountain (2010)
Not Feathers Yet: A Beginners Guide to the Poetic Life (2006)
Desire Lines (2004)
Rim Benders (2001)
Desire Lines: New and Selected Poems (2001)
Extranjera (1998)
Hunger (1992)
Forty-Four Ambitions for the Piano (1990)
Across Her Broad Lap Something Wonderful (1989)
Castings (1984)
Planting the Children (1983)

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