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Tango Key Mysteries
The Hanged Man by T.J. MacGregor The Hanged Man (1998)
In a quiet home in the Fort Lauderdale suburbs, a woman psychically witnesses a murder. In a posh estate, a few miles away, a man lies dead. The only clues are a collection of Tarot cards sent to the victim's home and a nuisance call from a Fort Lauderdale woman who claims to have had a vision of the killing. For Detective Wayne Sheppard, the killing of famous criminologist Andrew Steele and the disappearance of his beautiful wife is about to test everything he has ever believed and everything he knows about logic, police work, and scientific truth.
Out of Sight by T.J. MacGregor Out of Sight (2002)
Ambitious scientist George Nash and Luis Manteles, an Ecuadoran shaman, have finally created the technology to make humans and objects invisible, but their project gets out of hand when an experiment with Tyler and Logan Griffin, their first ever human test subjects, goes awry. Three years later, Logan, who escaped shortly after becoming invisible, sneaks into Nash s Florida compound to free her husband, whom Nash has confined in a glass house. With the help of her visible roommate, Logan shuts down the computer system at the same time that the Townsends, a family of three, wander into the test site. Consequently, the Townsends, along with a super intelligent Labrador retriever, turn invisible. Now targets of an effort by the National Security Bureau (NSB) to capture them, family and dog are forced on the run. After numerous close calls, a killing and a miraculous healing, all characters converge in a heady conclusion that hinges on Nash. Will he end the project or hand the Griffins, the Townsends and his life s work over to the NSB?
MacGregor, T.J. - Florida Authors Black Water (2003)
From Publishers Weekly
Fans of the Twilight Zone should relish MacGregor's newest offering (after Out of Sight); reading this spine-tingling suspense novel is like spiraling headfirst into the most disturbing episode ever aired. As Mira Morales and her teenage daughter, Annie, prepare to return via motorboat to their home in the Florida Keys, Mira is knocked unconscious and Annie is kidnapped. After regaining consciousness, the psychic Mira tries to locate her daughter, but when her boat glides through Florida's "black water," she travels back in time to 1968. Meanwhile, Annie's kidnapper, the germaphobic Patrick Wheaton, drags her through the same "corridor." Through the investigative work of FBI agent Wayne Sheppard and the psychic bond that Mira and her grandmother Nadine share, the reasons behind Wheaton's actions unfold, and the story becomes even more unsettling. The constant shift between the past and present may confuse readers, especially as events unfolding in the past begin to affect the present. Though some may find the book's paranormal elements hard to swallow, MacGregor skillfully builds the tension to a heart-pounding conclusion.
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MacGregor, T.J. - Florida Authors Total Silence (2004)
From Publishers Weekly
In this riveting paranormal thriller from MacGregor (Black Water, etc.), Florida psychic Mira Morales, her FBI agent fiancé, Wayne Sheppard, and her 14-year-old daughter, Annie, pay a visit to old friends, Ramona and Jerry Stevens, at their woodland cabin outside Asheville, N.C. Soon after arrival, Mira opens the cabin door to a seemingly pleasant woman who introduces herself as Allie then pulls out a gun. For a stranger, Allie seems to know an awful lot about Mira and Sheppard. When Mira flees to the Stevens' barn, Allie chases her and shoots her in the thigh. Hurting Mira wasn't part of Allie's plan, but it does make it easier to abduct Mira in her Land Rover. While Sheppard and Annie work on tracking Mira down, the story flashes back 15 years to focus on the dysfunctional, wealthy Curry family. These flashbacks are the book's biggest strength, as they present a tantalizing puzzle involving Dean Curry and his power-mad older sister, Allie, and provide a convincing motive for Allie's violent actions. The story works so well as a family drama that the supernatural elements are almost forgotten. Still, Mira's special gift, which later becomes Annie's, turns an already exciting yarn into something truly unusual.
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MacGregor, T.J. - Florida Authors Category 5 (2005)
A monster of a hurricane takes aim at the Florida coast. As thousands evacuate Tango Key, three dangerous escaped convicts are searching for a place to hide and ride out the storm—and they’ve just found the perfect spot.

Has Just Been
Psychic Mira Morales has done everything she can to make sure her family survives a wicked category 5 hurricane. Now, those measures are coming back to haunt her as three armed criminals take her hostage inside her heavily barricaded house. Cut off from any contact with her FBI agent fiancé, Shep—and with all power and phone service out—Mira’s can find consolation only in the knowledge that her teen daughter, Annie, is hiding in the garage. She’ll do anything to protect Annie, for Mira can see things about each of these sociopaths—shocking secrets that let her know the storm outside is nothing compared to the terror that has invaded her very own home.

As a hurricane bears down on the island with a relentless fury, Mira is engaged in a desperate game of survival where the slightest mistake could trigger a nightmare beyond all imagining.
MacGregor, T.J. - Florida Authors Cold as Death (2006)
He's waited years for this moment: a perfect hideout, a screaming boy no one can hear, and a woman who will finally know the pain of losing what matters most...Mira Morales knows the burning house on the hill belongs to actress Suki Nichols, but who is the ghostly woman running down the driveway - on fire? And the car careening wildly away, a boy's face pressed against the window, his mouth a silent scream. Just like that, the vision - the fire, the woman, the boy - gone. And so is Suki Nichols's son. A boy's life hangs in the balance. Mira's visions become stronger and more terrifying. For with each one, she is playing a dangerous game, opening a connection to a madman who will do anything to find her.

MacGregor, T.J. - Florida Authors

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