Marcia King-Gamble

Marcia King-Gamble Website: Love Marcia
Current Residence: Fort Lauderdale and Seattle
Genre: Romance, African-American Fiction

Marcia King-Gamble was born on the island of St. Vincent where ocean and sky are the same mesmerizing blue. This prolific author now lives in the United States, and in a past life was a travel industry executive. Marcia's favorite haunts are New Zealand, Venice, Hong Kong and Bangkok, though not necessarily in that order. She freely admits she is an awful ballroom dancer and much better at Zumba and kickboxing, which she does for exercise. When she's not busy writing, she's searching for treasures at estate sales and swap shops, or training the untrainable pets: Zeus, Madison and Lois. Her time is spent between Fort Lauderdale and Seattle.

Tempting the Mogul by Marcia King-GambleHook Line and Single by Marcia King-GambleFirst Crush by Marcia King-GambleFlamingo Place by Marcia King-GambleWay He Moves by Marcia King-Gamble

Book List

Tempting the Mogul (2008)
Hook, Line and Single (2008)
Meet Phoenix (2008)
First Crush (2008)
More Than a Woman (2008)
All About Me (2007)
Sex on Flamingo Beach (2007)
Down and Out in Flamingo Beach (2007)
Way He Moves (2007)
Flamingo Place (2006)
Shattered Images (2006)
Designed for You (2006)
Taste of Paradise (2005)
Come Back to Me (2004)

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