Marianne Berkes

Marianne BerkesWebsite: Marianne Berkes
Current Residence: Hobe Sound, FL
Genre: Juvenile Non-Fiction

Marianne Berkes is a former teacher and Children's Librarian, Marianne now lives in Florida and writes full-time. She is an active presenter at schools and literary conferences.

Marsh Music by Marianne BerkesMarsh Morning by Marianne BerkesSeashells by the Seashore by Marianne BerkesOver in the Ocean by Marianne BerkesOver in the Jungle by Marianne Berkes

Book List

Juvenile Non-Fiction

Going home : the mystery of animal migration (2010)
Over in the Ocean In a Coral Reef (2009)
Over in the Arctic: Where the Cold Winds Blow (2008)
Going Around the Sun: Some Planetary Fun (2008)
Over in the Jungle: A Rainforest Rhyme (2007)
Over in the Ocean: In a Coral Reef (2004)
Marsh Morning (2003)
Seashells by the Seashore (2002)
Marsh Music (2000)

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