Mark T. Mustian

Mark T. MustianWebsite: Mark T. Mustian
Current Residence: Tallahassee
Setting: Brazil and South Florida
Genre: Christian Fiction

Mark T. Mustian is an author, attorney and city commissioner. Mustian lives in Tallahassee, Florida, with his wife, three children and dog. Mustian also serves as the current chair of the Lutheran Readers Project, a nationwide effort to connect readers and writers associated with the Lutheran faith. Mustian's fiction has been published or is forthcoming in Stand Magazine,The Green Hills Literary Lantern, Opium Magazine, Parting Gifts and other publications. Gendarme won the Gold Award for General Fiction at the Florida Book Awards for 2010.

Gendarme by Mark T. MustianReturn by Mark Mustian

Book List

The Gendarme (2010)
The Return (2000)

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