Martha Powers

Martha Powers Website: Martha Powers
Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio
Current Residence: Vero Beach, Florida
Setting: Europe, United States
Genre: Regency Romance, Suspense, Thriller

Martha Powers was born in Cleveland, Ohio and attended Case Western University. After graduation, Powers wrote several plays for a local musical theatre group as well as doing some freelance and newspaper writing. Powers's first novel was a Regency, but she continued on her quest to write a mystery. Now Powers is a successful mystery novelist living in Vero Beach, FL. Powers also writes under the name Jean Paxton and as Martha Jean Powers

Death Angel by Martha PowersSunflower by Martha PowersConspiracy of Silence by Martha Powers

Book List

As Martha Jean Powers- Regency
The Perfect Fiancee (1989)
Gray Fox Wagers (1988)
The Proxy Bride (1987)

As Jean Paxton
Divided Loyalty (1988)

As Martha Powers
Conspiracy of Silence (2008)
Death Angel (2006)
Bleeding Heart (2000)
Sunflower (1998)
The Kissing Bough contributor (1991)
False Pretenses (1991)
Runaway Heart (1990)
Double Masquerade (1989)

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