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Matturro, Claire - Florida Authors Skinny-Dipping (2004)
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Lilly Rose Cleary, a sassy, headstrong junior partner at a Sarasota law firm, finds herself in a real pickle in this witty, intelligent novel of suspense. Lilly is in the midst of working her usual malpractice cases—here, defending a client involved in a kayak whiplash accident—when, on her way back to the office after a win at trial, someone puts her in a choke hold. The next day, a doctor facing a malpractice suit comes to her for advice—and is dead by nightfall. The "veggie baby case" a senior partner dumps in her lap starts to get some mysterious attention, and pretty soon Lilly's getting shot at. It's chick lit meets Perry Mason in this lively novel full of quirky characters and a dash of romance (Lilly's got a little crush on a detective—and then there's that attorney, Newly, she used to go with...). Lilly's voice is irrepressible ("Newly was sitting on the hood of his big gold Lexus, a twin of my colleague Ashton's sedan. Must be an amendment I had missed to the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar that now required attorneys to drive imported automobiles costing at a minimum twice the average annual income for the state"), but it's not just the smart narration and good dialogue—Matturro, a former appellate attorney, has the legal stuff down pat.
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Matturro, Claire - Florida Authors Wildcat Wine (2005)
It's hard being Lillian Belle Rosemary Cleary. And if I didn't know that already, Bonita, my legal secretary supreme and secondary therapist, kept reminding me.
"Carita," she said, shaking her head and handing me the pink highlighter at my hyperventilated request so that I could mark another obscure legal point I needed to memorize for my upcoming appellate argument. "You make this so much more difficult than it needs to be."
So spank me, I'm a lawyer and complicating things at a high hourly rate is my specialty.
Sometimes being a lawyer sucks. That's what Lilly Cleary thinks. Lilly is tough–as–nails attorney who works for a big firm in Sarasota, Florida, and an obsessive–compulsive health nut who has a bad habit of tripping over dead bodies. This time out she's got her hands full with a psychic client and a Nazi–next–door neighbor, when an obnoxious partner in her firm is murdered. Somehow Lilly gets dragged into investigating and encounters a world–class assortment of weirdo suspects, all of whom have good reason to want to knock the guy off.
Matturro, Claire - Florida Authors Bone Valley (2006)
From Publishers Weekly
In Matturro's entertaining third legal thriller to feature Lilly Cleary, a cute Sarasota, Fla., DA with an obsessive compulsive disorder and an active libido (after Wildcat Wine and Skinny-dipping), Lilly takes on another eccentric client, activist Angus John Cartright, who has been sued for fruit libel by an orange grower. Lilly later discovers that Angus's partner is her creepy former boyfriend, M. David Moody, whose corpse turns up floating in a phosphogypsum stack ("a big lake full of toxic waste") in Manatee County. After Angus educates Lilly about endangered wildlife and toxic sludge, Angus dies in a suspicious explosion and Lilly must solve whodunit or be next on the endangered list. Florida's phospate-rich "bone valley" region provides the scary background, while Lilly's fearless exuberance under pressure adds comic relief to an intricate tale that underscores the catastrophic effects abandoned phosphate mines and deadly gyp stacks can have on people and the environment. (Nov.)
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Matturro, Claire - Florida Authors Sweetheart Deal (2007)
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At the start of Matturro's amusing fourth suspense novel to feature oh-so-perky Florida attorney Lilly Cleary (after 2006's Bone Valley), Lilly returns to her hometown of (not kidding) Bugfest, Ga. Lilly's mother, Willette, agoraphobic and bipolar, abused Lilly and brother Delvon as teenagers, and Lilly hasn't seen her in 20 years. But now Willette is both hospitalized and accused of murder, and Lilly mounts her lawyerly white horse. Along the way she encounters additional problems both old (greedy resort developers despoiling natural beauty) and new (endangered species sold as exotic meats for adventurous diners in big cities Up North). A curious blend of chick lit plus woman in jeopardy plus amateur detective, the book is somewhat hampered by overly cute phrasing and by the tendency of characters to stop what they're doing and explain themselves, just at crucial points when decisive action is needed. Lilly is full of contradictions: germophobic at OCD levels and a terminal flirt, but brave and dead-on effective. Readers who prefer their heroines with an extra dose of sass will find a lot to like. (Nov.)
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