McClelland, Michael

Oyster Blues: A Novel by Michael McClelland Oyster Blues: A Novel (2002)
From Publishers Weekly
The seventh bestselling e-book on last year, Michael McClelland's first novel, Oyster Blues, introduces two endearing characters, bookish Florida oyster-shucker Jane Ellen Ashley and equally bookish Happy Harry Harper, who inadvertently get mixed up with the mob and murder as they amble along the path to true romance. A Featured Selection of the Mystery and Literary Guilds, this one may be short on dialogue but serves up plenty of lively exposition.
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Tattoo Blues by Michael McClelland Tattoo Blues (2004)
Tattoo Blues is a rollicking and playful comic-mystery, featuring runaway rich kid Desiree Dean who discovers her prized tattoo is a fraud - the Chinese character etched on her left breast says "with hot sauce", not "magnificent animal" - and goes after the artist, and in the resulting confrontation accidentally sets his tattoo parlor ablaze. That results in a mysterious explosion that destroys the parlor and leaves the injured Desiree in the care of a lesbian clam pirate and turns the sleepy Florida Gulf Coast fishing village of Cedar Key upside down.

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