McKee, Lynn Armistead

Pseudonym used by Lynn Sholes

Woman of the Mists (1991)

McKee, Lynn Armistead - Florida Authors
Touches the Stars (1992)
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Set in Florida centuries before Europeans arrived on the continent, McKee's ( Woman of the Mists ) tale revolves around Mi-sa, an Indian girl who has inherited the Gift from her father, Atula, the shaman of his tribe. In the past, the Gift had always been passed on to a son of the shaman, who does not marry but fathers children on several women of the tribe. Unwilling to recognize that a girl possesses this skill, and encouraged by a mother who wants her own son to be shaman, the community becomes increasingly suspicious and fearful of Mi-sa, whom they believe might carry evil spirits. Meanwhile Atula faces his own quandary: fond of Mi-sa's mother, Miakka, but unable to protect mother and daughter from the tribe's hostility, he becomes torn between duty to his people and his wish to take Miakka and Mi-sa to live in another community where they can be accepted. By romanticizing aboriginal life and focusing on the literalness of a shamanic gift that can be genetically inherited, rather than on its spiritual dimension, McKee ultimately defeats her own purpose, reducing the mythic to the mundane--or to second-rate fantasy, at best.
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McKee, Lynn Armistead - Florida Authors
Keeper of Dreams (1993)
Stranded by a storm and separated from her escort by an enemy attack, the beautiful shaman Mi-sa wanders through the Everglades until she finds a clan whose leader, Cota, has appeared often in her dreams. Original.
McKee, Lynn Armistead - Florida Authors
Walks in Stardust (1994)
Cimmera, a beautiful amnesiac whose only clue to her past lies in the mysterious knife she finds clutched in her hand, sets out to seek her destiny with the help of one heroic man. Original.
Spirit of the Turtle Woman by Lynn Armistead McKee: Book Cover
Spirit of the Turtle Woman (1999)
A beautiful Jeaga Indian maiden of the Turtle Clan falls in love with the son of the chief of the Ais tribe, but the relationship is forbidden, as she does not descend from noble blood. She also suffers from an affliction--a curse passed down through her ancestry by angry spirits--the ability to feel the emotions and pains of others. But their world is torn apart by a war instigated by the Panther clan, that seeks to gain power over all others. Can the lovers survive in a world that refuses to allow them to love?.
Daughter of the Fifth Moon by Lynn Armistead Armistead McKee: Book Cover
Daughter of the Fifth Moon (2001)
Many centuries ago, in a part of the world we now call the Caribbean, a courageous young woman lost all that she loved-but found the courage to start a new life....

McKee, Lynn Armistead - Florida Authors

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