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Priceless Florida: Natural Ecosystems and Native Species (2004) By Ellie Whitney, D. Bruce Means, and Anne Rudloe
Priceless Florida presents the incomparable riches of every kind of natural ecosystem found within this unique region in a way that will appeal to young and old, laypersons and scientists. A cornucopia of colorful illustrations and exquisite photos makes you feel your there. The comprehensive text enlightens with facts and brims with intriguing curiosities while bridging multiple fields in a crisp, readable style that only seasoned science-educators like Drs. Whitney, Means, and Rudloe could offer. Much of Florida has been bought and sold many times over, but this book makes clear how its value truly has no price tag.
Florida Magnificent Wilderness: State Lands, Parks, and Natural Areas

Florida Magnificent Wilderness (2006) By James Valentine and D. Bruce Means Many years in the making, Florida Magnificent Wilderness is a special visual journey through some of the most precious wild areas in the state, presenting the breathtaking beauty preserved in state lands, parks, and natural areas.
World-famous nature photographer James Valentine has used his camera to record environmental art images of the state’s remote wilderness places, spectacular sites too often missed by Florida’s visitors and residents. Valentine also offers his poetic interpretations of the meaning of his images. Dr. D. Bruce Means, founder and president of the Coastal Plains Institute and Land Conservancy, has written the main text, "Florida’s Rich Biodiversity." The book is divided into six sections, covering the wildlife and natural ecosystems of Florida, with the introduction to each written by a highly respected Florida writer and conservationist, including Al Burt, Manley Fuller, Steve Gatewood, D. Bruce Means, Victoria Tschinkel, and Bernie Yokel.

Means, Bruce - Florida Authors

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