Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot Website: Meg Cabot
Youtube page: MegginCabot's
Birthplace: Bloomington, IN
Current Residence: Key West
Setting: Various
Genre: Diary Fiction, Young Adult, Romance, Chick-Lit
Pseudonyms: Meggin Cabot, Patricia Cabot, Jenny Carroll

Meg Cabot’s many series and books for both adults and tweens/teens have included multiple #1 New York Times bestsellers and have sold over fifteen million copies worldwide. Her Princess Diaries series has been published in more than 38 countries and was made into two hit films by Disney. Meg also wrote the NY Times bestselling Mediator, Airhead, and Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls, as well as Insatiable (look for the sequel in summer of 2011), and the award-winning novels All-American Girl and Avalon High. Her new series for teens, Abandon, debuts in spring of 2011. Ms. Cabot (her last name rhymes with habit — as in, “her books have been known to be habit–forming”) lives in Key West with her husband and two cats.

Underworld by Meg CabotAbandon by Meg CabotRansom My Heart by Mia ThermopolisBest Friends and Drama Queens by Meg CabotForever Princess by Meg Cabot

Book List

Ransom My Heart by Mia Thermopolis (2009)

Insatiable Series
Overbite (2011)
Insatiable (2010)

Queen of Babble Series
Queen of Babble Gets Hitched (2008)
Queen of Babble in the Big City (2007)
Queen of Babble (2006)

Every Boy's Got One (2005)
Victoria and the Rogue (2003)
Nicola and the Viscount (2002)

Heather Wells Mystery
Size 12 and Ready to Rock (2012)
Big Boned (2007)
Size 14 Is Not Fat Either (2006)
Size 12 Is Not Fat (2006)

Writing as Meggin Cabot
The Boy Next Door (2002)
She Went All the Way (2002)

Writing as Patricia Cabot
Where Roses Grow Wild (1998)
Portrait of My Heart (1998)
An Improper Proposal (1999)
A Little Scandal (2000)
A Season in the Highlands (anthology) (2000)
Lady of Skye (2001)
Educating Caroline (2001)
Kiss the Bride (2002)

Young Adult Novels

Abandon Series
Awaken (2013)
Underworld (2012)
Abandon (2011)


Runaway (2010)
Airhead (2008)
Being Nikki (May 2009)

American Girl Novels
Ready or Not (2005)
An American Girl (2002)

Avalon High Series (Graphic Novel)
Coronation, Vol. 3: Hunter's Moon (2009)
Coronation, Vol 2: Homecoming (2008)
Coronation, Vol. 1: the Merlin Prophesy (2007)

The Mediator Series

Twilight (2005)
Haunted (2003)
Darkest Hour (2001)
Reunion (2001)
Ninth Key (2001)
Shadowlands (2000)

Princess Diaries Series

Perfect Princess : A Princess Diaries Book
Holiday Princess: A Princess Diaries Book
Princess Lessons: A Princess Diaries Book
Princess Diaries Volume X: Forever Princess (2009)
The Princess Diaries Volume IX: Princess Mia (2008)
Princess on the Brink (2007)
Party Princess (2006)
Sweet Sixteen Princess (2006)
Valentine Princess: A Princess Diaries Book (2006)
The Princess Diaries Volume VI: Princess in Training (2005)
The Princess Diaries Volume V: Princess in Pink (2004)
Perfect Princess (A Princess Diaries Book) (2004)
Princess Lessons (A Princess Diaries Book) (2003)
The Princess Diaries Volume 4 1/2: Project Princess (2003)
The Princess Diaries Volume IV: Princess in Waiting, (2003)
The Princess Diaries Volume III: Princess in Love (2002)
The Princess Diaries Volume II: Princess in the Spotlight (2001)
The Princess Diaries (2000)

Vanished/1-800-Where-R-You Series

Writing as Jenny Carroll
Missing You (2007)
Sanctuary (2002)
Safe House (2002)
Code Name Cassandra (2001)
When Lightning Strikes (2001)

Juvenile Fiction

Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls Series
Glitter Girls and the Great Fake Out (2010)
Stage Fright (2009)
Best Friends and Drama Queens (2009)
New Girl (2008)
Moving Day (2008)

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