Meltzer, Brad

Book of Lies Book of Lies (2008)
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Cal Harper often had envisioned what it would be like to encounter his long-lost father, Lloyd. As a child, he imagined a tender reunion; as an adult, he dreamed up ways to snub him. What Cal never expected was that his work as a helper to the homeless in Ft. Lauderdale would bring him and Lloyd together. Cal is called to the scene when Lloyd is found shot in the park. His clothes aren’t those of a vagrant, though, and there are mysterious papers in his pocket. But before Cal can begin to puzzle out the details of the assault, he and his father are attacked by an assassin named Ellis, who is tattooed with the marks of Cain. We learn eventually that the gun used to shoot Lloyd is the same weapon used, in 1932, to kill Mitchell Siegel, father of the man who created Superman. How are these two murders linked, and could they both be somehow connected to history’s first murder, the killing of Abel by Cain, another crime with a missing weapon? Although the ties to the Bible and to pop culture lend sparkle to the story, Meltzer tries a bit too hard to combine his love of comics with a high-concept Da Vinci Code–like conspiracy plot. Meltzer made his name with financial thrillers but, since then, has published graphic novels (Identity Crisis, 2005) and another foray into Dan Brown territory (The Book of Fate, 2006). Here’s one vote for a return to money and murder. --Mary Frances Wilkens

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