Michael C. Barnette

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Birthplace: Fredericksburg, VA
Current Residence: Saint Petersburg, FL
Setting: Florida
Genre: Non-Fiction, Shipwrecks

Michael C. Barnette (1971-) has a degree in Marine Biology from the University of South Carolina. Barnette has been actively researching and exploring shipwrecks for almost 20 years, resulting in the identification of nearly 30 shipwrecks. He has dived on numerous historic shipwrecks, including the ironclad USS Monitor, the liner Andrea Doria, the battleship USS Virginia, and the HMHS Britannic, a sister ship of the fabled RMS Titanic. In 1996, Barnette founded the Association of Underwater Explorers (AUE). Barnette is currently employed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as a marine biologist.

Florida Shipwrecks by Michael C. BarnetteShipwrecks of the Sunshine State by  Michael C. Barnette

Book List

Florida's Shipwrecks (2008)
Shipwrecks of the Sunshine State: Florida's Submerged History (2003)

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