Michael Morris

Michael Morris Website: Michael Morris
Birthplace: Perry, FL
Current Residence: Alabama
Setting: The South
Genre: Southern Fiction

Michael Morris is the author of the award winning novel, A Place Called Wiregrass, and Slow Way Home, named one of the best novels of the year by the Atlanta Journal Constitution and the St. Louis Dispatch. His novella, Live Like You Were Dying, was a finalist for the Southern Book Critics Circle Award. A native of rural Florida, he currently resides in Alabama.

Man in the Blue Moon by Michael MorrisSlow Way Home by Michael MorrisPlace Called Wiregrass by Michael MorrisLive Like You Were Dying by Michael Morris

Book List

Man in the Blue Moon (2012)
Live Like You Were Dying (2004)
Slow Way Home (2003)
Place Called Wiregrass (2002)

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