Nancy Bartholomew

Nancy BartholomewWebsite: Nancy Bartholomew
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA
Current Residence: Greensboro, NC
Setting: Panama City FL, Greensboro NC
Genre: Mystery, Amateur Detective

Nancy Bartholomew has a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Social Work. Bartholomew wrote a short story Sierra Reveals All for the Sleuthfest mystery contest in Florida. The character of this short story was an exotic dancer Sierra Lavontini from Panama City, FL. Her short story won first place and led to several book contracts with the same character. Sierra Reveals All is published in the collection Mystery in the Sunshine State: Florida Short Stories.

Strip Poker by Nancy BartholomewFilm Strip by Nancy BartholomewDrag Strip by Nancy BartholomewMiracle Strip by Nancy Bartholomew

Book List

Sierra Lavotoni Series

Strip Poker (2001)
Film Strip (2000)
Drag Strip (1999)
Miracle Strip (1998)

Maggie Reid Mysteries

Stand By Your Man (2001)
Your Cheating Heart (2000)

Mystery in the Sunshine State: Florida Short Stories edited by Stuart Kaminsky

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