Nancy Yi Fan

nancy yi fanWebsite: Swordbird
Birthplace: China
Current Residence: Gainesville, FL
Genre: Fantasy, War

Nancy Yi Fan (1993- ) started writing at the age of 10. Yi Fan moved to the United States in 2000. Yi Fan is a bird and martial arts enthusiast. In 2005, Yi Fan started writing the manuscript for her first novel and it was published in 2007. After it reached the top 10, Yi Fan started translating the novel into simplified Chinese to be published in China. Yi Fan can write, speak, and read Chinese as well as English.

Sword Bird by Nancy Yi FanSword Quest by Nancy Yi FanSword Mountain by Nancy Yi Fan

Book List
Sword Mountain (2012)
Sword Quest (2008)
Swordbird (2007)

Introduction to the Swordbird Series

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