Nash, Leonard

Nash, Leonard - Florida Authors

You Can't Get There From Here and Other Stories (2007)
No one should be able to write this damn good the first time out. Leonard Nash's You Can't Get There From Here is more than a promising debut by a gifted fiction writer; it's a mesmerizing collection of the first order. I was flat knocked out! The stories here are full of wisdom and wit, tenderness and honesty. The book is funny and as serious as a heart attack. The people in Nash's Miami seem to know they're not going to win, but if they struggle, they just might break even. Nash breathes life into his characters, and his characters will breathe life into you. Do yourself a favor, buy this book, pour yourself a drink, settle into a comfy chair, open the book, and begin your marvelous and heartbreaking journey. You won't be leaving the chair any time soon." ---John Dufresne, Johnny Too Bad, Deep in the Shade of Paradise, Love Warps the Mind A Little, Louisiana Power and Light, The Way that Water Enters Stone

Nash, Leonard - Florida Authors

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