Owl Goingback

Owl Goingback Website: Owl Goingback
Current Residence: Winter Park, FL
Genre: Horror

Owl Goingback (1959-) is a writer of horror and children's books. Goingback was as a jet engine mechanic in the Air Force, and the former owner of a restaurant and lounge. Goingback has also lectured throughout the country on the customs and folklore of the American Indians. Goingback lives in Florida with his wife and two sons.

Crota by Owl GoingbackBreed by Owl GoingbackEvil Whispers by Owl GoingbackDarker Than Night by Owl Goingback

Book List


Breed (2002)
Evil Whispers (2001)
Darker Than Night (1999)
Crota (1996)

Juvenile Fiction

Eagle Feathers (1997)
Gift (1997)

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