Parrish, P.J.

Paint It Black Paint it Black (2002) The placid town of Sereno Key is being rocked by a serial killer who is targeting black men, leaving his victims marked with black paint. When police zero in on a suspect, his wife hires Louis to help clear him. Lured from Michigan to work as a PI by his ex-boss, Louis joins forces with a novice FBI profiler, Emily Farrantino, and they quickly discover these are no ordinary hate crimes and that Sereno Key is only the latest stop on a psychopath's road tour from hell.
Thicker Than Water Thicker than Water (2003)
Two decades ago Jack Cade was convicted of the murder of Kitty Jagger. Rather than go to trial and risk the Florida electric chair, he pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to twenty years. A few days after gaining his freedom, the police arrest Jack for the murder of his defense attorney Spencer Duvall. Unlicensed private investigator Louis Kincaid by Jack s son Ronnie to find evidence to clear his father. After gaining access to all the evidence, Louis is convinced that Jack Cade did not kill Duvall or Kitty Jagger. He vows to find Kitty s killer, and thereby clear Jack of both murder charges, even if it means breaking the laws he was once swore to uphold.
Island of Bones Island of Bones (2004)
From Publishers Weekly
Set in the late 1980s, the newest addition to Parrish's Louis Kincaid mystery series (Thicker Than Water) lures readers in from the outset when a young woman's bullet-ridden corpse is found tangled in mangrove roots on Florida's beautiful, tropical seacoast. Kincaid, a former cop turned private investigator, is hired by a woman who fears that her father, Frank Woods, a middle-aged, nondescript librarian with murky connections to several missing women dating back as far as 35 years, may be the killer. Although all signs point to Woods's guilt, his confession and apparent suicide never sit well with Kincaid. He reluctantly teams up with Mel Landeta, a gruff but ultimately likable local police officer who's losing his eyesight, and they return to the last place Woods visited-the Island of Bones. The tension builds to a near palpable level as the pair uncover secrets that are as dark and warped as the primal landscape Parrish vividly describes. World-weary, contemplative Landeta is the perfect foil for Kincaid, a true man of action. Their camaraderie and unspoken understanding, combined with Parrish's crisp dialogue and skill at stringing out the suspense, are what make this carefully constructed mystery so absorbing.
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A Thousand Bones A Thousand Bones (2007)
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Parrish uses his last, stunning Louis Kincaid novel (2006's An Unquiet Grave) as a jumping-off point for Kincaid's lover Joe Frye, the lone female homicide detective in the Miami-Dade Police Department. Told in flashback, Frye recounts her investigation of serial murders 13 years earlier, in 1975. Frye's uneventful rookie year in the Leelanau County, Mich., sheriff's department undergoes a drastic change with the discovery of human bones in the woods of Echo Bay. Soon, the discovery of more bones and a multitude of artifacts point police to the conclusion that the remains belong to more than one victim. Mysterious Native American glyphs carved into a tree nearby provide the lead Frye needs—if only she could decipher where they're taking her. Even after the clues fall carefully into place, revealing the killer's identity and pushing Frye into his sights, the book continues to sizzle with taut suspense and the promise of a tumultuous conclusion. Keen attention to detail and thorough character development get equal billing with scintillating thrills, giving Parrish another top-notch whodunit that just may leave fans thinking, Louis who? (July)
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