Paul Levine

Paul LevineWebsite:
Birthplace: Williamsport, PA
Current Residence: California
Setting: Miami, Los Angeles
Genre: Mystery, Legal Thriller, Suspense

Paul Levine is a former trial lawyer and the award-winning author of the Solomon vs. Lord legal thrillers. He has also written for the CBS television program, JAG. Before becoming a full-time novelist, Levine was a partner in the Miami office of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, a Philadelphia-based law firm. Later, while writing his first two novels, he was “of counsel” to Grossman and Roth, P.A. Prior to attending law school, Levine was a reporter for The Miami Herald. While a practicing lawyer, he served as a legal commentator for WPLG-TV and later, WTVJ-TV in Miami. He wrote and appeared on You & the Law, a television segment syndicated by Newsweek Broadcasting. He also taught communications law as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Miami School of Law.

Lassiter by Paul LevineIllegal by Paul LevineDeep Blue Alibi by Paul LevineSolomon vs Lord by Paul LevineTrial and Error by Paul LevineKill All the Lawyers by Paul Levine

Book List

Illegal (2009)

State vs. Lassiter (2013)
Lassiter (2011)
Flesh and Bones (1997)
Fool Me Twice (1996)
Slashback (1995)
Mortal Sin (1994)
False Dawn, Bantam (1993)
Night Vision (1991)
To Speak for the Dead (1990)

Trial & Error (2007)
Kill All the Lawyers (2006)
The Deep Blue Alibi (2006)
Solomon vs. Lord (2005)

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