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Kingdom Keepers Shell Game by Ridley PearsonKingdom Keepers V: Shell Game

The Kingdom Keepers have their hands full when, during the inaugural cruise of the Disney ship, Fantasy, to exotic locations, they discover that the Overtakers have infiltrated the cast, stolen a journal that belonged to Walt Disney himself, and plan to unleash a powerful evil, the Chernabog.
Kingdom Keepers Power Play by Ridley PearsonKingdom Keepers IV: Power Play (2011)
When the Kingdom Keepers discover that the Disney villain group known as the Overtakers plan to rescue two of their leaders, they must find out if the Overtakers have found a way to recruit from outside of the Disney parks.
Kingdom Keepers Disney In Shadow by Ridley PearsonKingdom Keepers III: Disney in Shadow (2011)
From School Library Journal Gr 5-8–In Ridley Pearson's third installment (Hyperion, 2010) of the Kingdom Keepers saga, the five teenage Disney hologram guides (DHIs) are once again transported at night into Disney World to solve a crime. When the Disney Imagineers originally developed the holograms out of real teenagers, they didn't know Finn, Philby, Willa, Charlene, and Maybeck would be able to cross over into the park when they went to sleep at night. During the day, the park offers its world-famous adventures, but at night it's plagued with evil doers. The DHIs discover that their mentor and head Imagineer, Wayne, is being held hostage somewhere in the park. A close friend's dream points them to the Hollywood Studios and Epcot, but a lost remote, used for getting them out of the park, takes away their ability to return to their sleeping bodies and traps them as holograms. They enter the rides hoping to discover clues along the way, but danger awaits them at every turn. The villains are deliciously evil, making their ultimate defeat all the more urgent. This volume can stand along, but the story line begins with events in the first two books. MacLeod Andrews gives the characters distinct voices and conveys the thrill of the chase. The behind-the-scenes interaction with Disney World makes these stories unique.
Kingdom Keepers Disney At Dawn by Ridley PearsonKingdom Keepers II: Disney at Dawn (2008)
From Booklist
In this sequel to The Kingdom Keepers: Disney after Dark (2005),Disney World is again indanger. Thefive Kingdom Keepers must battle Maleficent and the Overtakers, who threaten to capture them while they sleep, so the kids muststay awake from the beginning of the battle to its end. Can they do it, or will the urge to sleep be too intense?Lane uses perfectly timed dramatic pauses to build on the suspense-filled story. A number of characters speak with accents (British and African American), and Lane’s interpretations are authentic sounding and crisp.Upbeat music begins and ends each disc.Kids who loved the first title won’t be disappointed.
Kingdom Keepers Disney After Dark by Ridley PearsonKingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark (2005)
This far-fetched, high-concept story will find an audience despite its fuzzy premise and the creaky workings of its plot. Finn Whitman, 13, is one of five "hologram hosts," middle-school students whose likenesses have been digitally captured so they can appear constantly, guiding visitors around Disney's Magic Kingdom. Finn awakens one night, inside the park, as his hologram self. He's met by Wayne, one of the original "Imagineers," who tells Finn that all five hosts are needed to solve a riddle left by Walt to prevent the villainous "Overtakers" from wreaking havoc inside the gates and throughout the world. Their mission to solve the puzzle, which involves 3-D glasses and trips inside rides such as It's a Small World and Splash Mountain is enough fun that most readers will set aside some nagging questions (e.g., how did Walt, who died five years before the park opened, leave clues inside structures that hadn't been built yet, and why are a bunch of seventh-graders the only ones who can save the place?). The threat rings hollow anyway. Only one "Overtaker" materializes—Maleficent, the witch from Disney's Sleeping Beauty . Finn is the sole fleshed-out character (the two girl hosts are given little to do and seem indistinguishable), and some passages read like an ad (as when Wayne catologues the Disney empire: "the Disney parks, the cruise line, the Broadway shows, the Web sites, Disney on Ice"). Still, with Finn and friends traversing tunnels and battling the creepy Audio-Animatronic characters, readers will likely line up for this ride. Ages 10-up. (Sept.) --Staff (Reviewed October 10, 2005) (Publishers Weekly, vol 252, issue 40, p62)

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